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Specialized Services

Specialized Services: FAQ

For The Face

Eyebrow Tinting


We will find the best color to enhance your eyebrows. Lasts 2-4 weeks.

 Eyelash Tinting


Enhances your natural eyelashes by darkening the full hair follicle. Last 2-4 weeks.

 Lash Lifting


Lash lift with curl up your natural eyelashes leaving your eyes with a more open look. Lift last anywhere 30-90 days.

Brow Lamination


A keratin treatment which tames unruly brows. Go for a dramatic look, or natural tamed look without makeup. Last anywhere 30-90 days

 Dermaplaning Facial

$100/$80 added to a facial 

This very technical exfoliating service is great for anyone. Removing the top dead layer of skin instantly, as well the vellus hair. This leaves the skin feeing baby soft and allowing products penetrate better. You can add a peel to this for an additional $62.

 Extraction Only Facial


In this 30 mins service we will cleanse and prep the skin for extractions. The majority of this time will just be extracting the face. This is best for someone with a lot of clogging or milia that a normal facial might not have enough time. This is also great for in between facials to keep working on cleaning the skin for the quick clean up. You can add a peel to this for an additional $63.

For The Body

Ingrown Hair Removal Facial


In this 30 minute service we will clean, exfoliate, and steam the skin. Can be performed any time from immediately after waxing or waiting three weeks after a Brazilian wax is performed

. We will lance out any ingrown hairs we can , then calm the skin allowing your hair to grow back in without getting trapped under dead skin. Should not get a wax within the next week after service.

 Booty Facial


This 45 minute service helps with all the waxing, working out, and sitting that causes buildup and pimples on our behind. In this treatment we will clean, heavy exfoliate, extract, and moisturize leaving you feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom. You can add a peel to this for an additional $72. 

Back Facial


This 45 minute service will heavily exfoliate, extract, and moisturize the back. Helping to get those hard to reach areas. You can add a peel to this for an additional $72.

*Add on a Booty Facial for Additional $50.

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